Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cebu Boarding House Scandal

Cebu boarding house scandal – one of the first and oldest sex scandal in the Philippines which comes in VHS and Betamax when it first released way back 1997. The women in the so called cebu boarding house sex scandal was a commerce student of San Carlos University Main Campus, Cebu City.
This boarding house scandal actually happened in Camella Holmes Phase 1 in Lapu-lapu City itself. I am not sure though why they called it Cebu boarding house scandal wherein fact it’s not a boarding house in the first place. According to the officials of the home-owners association of Camella, the said house was owned by some “Ernesto Iway” wherein he allegedly gives consent to her daughter to bring her friends in their house for party, drinkings and fun. While of course, without their knowledge that his father is on the other side of the room peeping and silently records a voyeur video.
One of the lovers actually suspects that there is another person inside the other room (which they believe was a theft at first). So they called for help from their neighbors and when they are about to destroy the locked door, they caught in act the so-called owner of the house -Ernesto sweating inside out. Sad to say, this man responsible for the controversial Cebu boarding house scandal was never indicted.
If you happened to saw the professed Cebu Boarding House scandal, you’ll instantly notice that there are a lot of lovers involve in the video. It occurs in the shower room and of course inside the room in which he (pervert owner) had installed a two-way mirror beneath a cabinet.
You guys better watch out for this two-way mirror thing. It’s actually easy to determine if its a two-way mirror or not. The “fingernail” test will normally tell. It can be performed by putting your fingernail against the mirror. If there is NO gap between your nail and the reflection, you are touching a first-surface mirror or two-way mirror however there is no such thing as a fool-proof testing. So better be aware than never or else you could become the Cebu boarding house scandal part 2.

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